Thursday, August 1, 2013

Four {x Two}

How is it that these two are four? How is it that diapers and binkies have been replaced by spiderman underwear and big boy cups without a lid?

How is it that a mother loses herself in all this growing, so much that some days she forgets to breathe, to lay down the dishrag, the calendar, and haul her eyes up from the toys on the carpet to see what's really happening. See her babies becoming boys.

 photo IMG_9201_zps86b97993.jpg

After switching off lights and brushing my own teeth I sneak into the boys' room, kneel by their beds and lay my cheek against theirs. It's my secret routine. 

Gordon never wakes. Spencer stirs. But most of the time I rest there, my skin on theirs, and remember how we were. A threesome, all folded into each other. Two tiny boys dependent on milk from their mama, their silken cheeks warm against my neck after a feeding. 

 photo IMG_3001_zpscbd00f38.jpg
Gordon climbs into Spencer's bed almost every night 

Those cheeks haven't changed. So I am holding onto their softness, stealing quiet moments with my boys before midnight. Moments when busy limbs finally stop flying and sleep stills their stretching bodies.

 photo IMG_9193_zps5e272af9.jpg

They were pretty jazzed about turning four. (I let their hair grow long. It's the Cali surfer look. But I like it.)

 photo IMG_9183_zps89e2bd5b.jpg

The girls decorated the dinner table for them with dinos and cards. "Sir Spencer... Happy Birthday!" said the Allosaurus.

 photo IMG_9222_zpse296f8f9.jpg

We bought them bats, balls, and gloves. Both are lefties (with Gordon dabbling in ambidexterity). Could prove to be a lethal baseball duo.

 photo IMG_9233_zpse10612ef.jpg

 photo IMG_9230_zps0ecbf7eb.jpg

Foam swords were exciting but lasted less than a day before I had to pitch them into the trash. Note to self: buy boys sturdy fighting weapons.

 photo IMG_9260_zps58bd4861.jpg

And the smash hit of all birthday presents? The Home Depot tool kit from Grandma and Grandpa! (Did you know Toys R Us now has a Home Depot aisle?)

 photo IMG_9272_zpsc64fb325.jpg

 photo IMG_9255_zpsb078bde5.jpg

"Thank you Poppa Bob!"

 photo IMG_9281_zps3b986bbc.jpg

 photo IMG_9285_zps4b7b8efc.jpg

 photo IMG_9286_zpsb6334df7.jpg

And out went the candles. With hammer in hand.

Four candles each. In their favorite colors. 

 photo IMG_3334_zps2edf2b52.jpg

One day I saw Spence outside, the football tucked intuitively under his arm. Neither Doug nor I had taught him.

 photo IMG_3268_zps708b36ab.jpg

Always together. An inseparable pair. They are quick to defend each other, grab a piece of licorice for their brother before themselves, or voice concern if it appears I am going to leave one of them behind. 

How would it be to have someone like that on your side? 

 photo IMG_3372_zpsb3ec2764.jpg

Abominable bubble men.

 photo IMG_0252_zps1ab77683.jpg
Skinny legs and tan lines

In addition to graduating from diapers and dressing themselves (who knew boys would have an opinion about what they wear?), they've learned how to pump... 

 photo IMG_9132_zps4d953e44.jpg

Often I look out the kitchen window and find them on the swing set, pumping slowly at first, then generating speed as they work their small bodies back and forth, all the while chatting happily to each other. It makes me smile to see them out there doing something so grown-up, so independent.

If you don't get seasick with them sailing in and out of the frame, you might enjoy their conversation.

 photo IMG_9207_zps30645c9a.jpg

Spencer (on the left - giving the choke hug) has the most contagious laugh. Once he starts to giggle he can't stop. He makes us laugh every day, can groove to a beat, and chooses Batman over Superman every time. 

Gordon is still my snuggler. When I pick him up, he circles his legs around my waist and squeezes tight. Best leg-hugger I've ever known. Gordy always chooses Superman and is pressing Mom hard for light sabers that glow in the dark and make clashing sounds. 

These boys are super adventurous together (more on this in my next Twinspin). As a team, they know no bounds. I've spent a considerable amount of time this summer, rounding them up from more desirable backyards in the neighborhood (usually those with dogs). But every night I express gratitude that they came to our family. Together. 

Four's gonna be a big year. I can feel it.


  1. My kiddos turn 4 next week. I can't believe how grownup they are too. It goes by so quickly doesn't it? Happy birthday to your little guys!

  2. My identical boys turn 2 on Sunday- love this post! I see so many of the "twin traits" you mention in them already at 2- can't wait to see what the next 2 (and many more) years bring.

  3. Love your darling family. Happy birthday to the boys!

  4. knit 1, knit 2 - happy birthday to your twins!! it is flying by, isn't it? Love that we are on the same growth curve together. :)

    Jen - Identical boys! So much fun ahead of you. I loved the 18 month - 3 yr stage. They are so sweet. Happy Birthday to your boys!

    Alison - thank you for reading. xo

    Leslie - We love you too.

  5. Oh, Cath, this post made me cry. They change so so fast, these children of ours. They are beautiful boys and I'm thrilled that you have two four year olds to love. Four year olds are so fun, aren't they?

  6. Love it! Love that you know them so individually. Love that you love them for their inseparability.

  7. Kerri - Yes, four year olds are such fun! Busy and spinning, but still an element of baby sweetness that I adore. And I can't believe how grown up yours are looking! Time is marching too fast. xo

    Liz - Individuality. Inseparability. You nailed it.

  8. Just read this today, and I love your tradition of sneaking into their bedroom once they are asleep. What a precious time to remember how blessed your family was to have Gordon and Spencer. I need to adopt this ritual with my own children.
    Love the all the pics...can't get enough of the blonde curls!


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