Thursday, August 29, 2013

Get Down Tonight!

Doug and I were in charge of my family's reunion this year. A fiesta that typically consists of three days in Salt Lake City or some nearby get-away destination. This summer we made base-camp at my parents' house and ventured into surrounding areas for fun-filled action.

Here's our crew, minus my brother Dave, who couldn't make it, and most of the out-laws. I mean in-laws. Who were snapping photos. Next year I need to remember my tripod.

 photo IMG_0190_zps8f5d1c8f.jpg

Let me say right up front, it would have been a sorry shin-dig without Doug's brilliant planning. For some reason, my brain was more than fried by summer and I was plumb out of good ideas. But Doug came to the rescue. Almost everything we did was his brainchild. And we had a blast!

 photo IMG_9961_zps6c43edba.jpg

Day 1 we hiked to Timpanogos Cave. A series of three caves linked with tunnels, trail accessible from American Fork Canyon. Gordon and his cousin Ethen held hands most of the way. 

 photo IMG_9975_zpsc46f865a.jpg

It was a fairly steep climb. This is the eastern view, part way up, looking down onto the parking lot.

 photo IMG_9980_zps8c493fca.jpg

And this is the western view, with Eliza happily perched on the edge of the trail.

 photo IMG_9990_zpsba4700c4.jpg

Here comes Becca and family.

 photo IMG_9994_zps43bcf3fb.jpg

We were a busy stream of legs trundling up the mountain. You can see the grade of the trail in this photo. Adults played zone defense (and an occasional man to man) to keep small feet away from steep drop-offs. The kids did surprisingly well. 

 photo IMG_9992_zps0851ae8e.jpg

Meine schwestern. I heart these girlies. 

 photo IMG_9998_zps13cb37dc.jpg

We gave my parents a head start. (They were worried they might be the last ones to the top.) But since the rest of us were rolling on kid-time, they beat us with a significant lead. It was fun for the kids to find them waiting for us. 

Once everyone arrived, our tour guide took us in. To the cave. (Insert villainous laugh for effect.)

 photo IMG_0010_zps3e9b9b01.jpg
Ali and Grandma

I hadn't been in this cave since I was a little girl. It was phenomenal, beautiful. Its formations gnarly, stunning. And boy, was it dark inside! At one point the guide turned off all the interior lights. When I couldn't see my hand in front of my face I thought, I would go insane in darkness like this! It was so disorienting, paralyzing. Nowhere to look, nothing to focus on, no way to move safely. A spiritual lesson there, to be sure.

    photo IMG_0019_zpsd271a4f2.jpg

Do you remember your cave lingo? Stalactites hang tight to the ceiling. Stalagmites grow up from the bottom of the cave.

 photo IMG_0012_zpsff3c106f.jpg

 photo IMG_0016_zpsc0e6f202.jpg

This gigantic stalactite is known as the Heart of Timpanogos. Our guide told us the legend. About an Indian princess, Utahna, who fell in love with an Indian Warrior, Red Eagle. Red Eagle was ambushed by other jealous warriors and knocked off the mountain, where he fell to his death. Utahna was so distraught by this news, she flung herself from the mountain. Sounds like Romeo and Juliet, no?

The god of the mountain, Timpanogos, then took mercy on the two lovers, carried their bleeding hearts into the cave and joined them together to form one great heart. The heart of Timpanogos.

 photo IMG_0023_zps4425859c.jpg

Helectites. That's what they call this stuff. My kids thought they looked like curly fries from Arby's. 

 photo IMG_0048_zps96004c76.jpg

That afternoon we set up Exploration Stations for the kids in my parents' backyard. 

Station 1: Chalk Art. Everyone decorated their own square to create our dance floor for the evening. A dance floor with original art!

 photo IMG_0050_zps0850bb6d.jpg

Station 2: Pioneer Yo-Yos.

 photo IMG_0070_zpse705e501.jpg

Or necklaces, if you prefer.

 photo IMG_0145_zpsbab631e1.jpg

Station 3: Water Beads. Have you played with these cool, slippery gems?

 photo IMG_0146_zps0e84d74c.jpg

They are irresistable! We couldn't keep our hands out of them! Buy them at any craft store. They come in small packets with beads the size of a pinhead. Just add water and they grow to the size of a small marble. Take them out of water and they shrink right back. Loads of fun!

 photo IMG_0032_zpsf1806eac.jpg

Station 4: Water Bottle Rocket. Courtesy of my brother Dave - the engineer - who couldn't make the reunion, but built the rocket a week earlier when he was in town. Lance skillfully manned this station.

 photo IMG_0044_zps1bdcb03f.jpg

Just pump the half-filled water bottle full of air to pressurize the rocket. (Michael couldn't push the pump with his own foot, so he pushed Lance's.)

 photo IMG_0046_zpsc7c7ee3d.jpg

Then pull the string and watch her fly! 3-4 stories high! The little boys LOVED this.

 photo IMG_0080_zps2fa56eaa.jpg

Station 5: Cardboard Box Crafts. This was Uncle Will's idea. He's a master piƱata maker. He helped the kids make barns, birdhouses, and doll houses, which they then painted.

 photo IMG_0052_zps830b176b.jpg

Station 6: Tie-Dye T-Shirts. This was easier than I thought it would be. I bought this kit which supplied us with everything we needed, except the shirts. My sister, Rachel, was the tie-dye queen!

 photo IMG_0067_zpsd8b43c19.jpg

Love Gordy's concentration tongue.

 photo IMG_0077_zps5b6dd71e.jpg

While we helped the kids through the stations, Doug began setting up the dance floor. Usually we have a family talent night, but Doug thought a Disco Dance Party might be a fun change. And it was!

 photo IMG_0084_zps3eb452d1.jpg

The disco ball? The Christmas lights? All his idea. He and Lance had to scale the roof, circle rope around the chimney and over to the swing set, then back again to the balcony to hang the disco ball. It required some serious engineering.

 photo IMG_0091_zps0679fd06.jpg

After dinner, we played a few games. Like hula-hooping, oreo-eating, and carrying the ping pong ball on a paper plate. Rachel, our resident waitress, put most of us to shame.

 photo IMG_0106_zps559e8a0d.jpg

Then we broke out the tunes and the kids started dancing. Soon the adults joined in. We were groovin' pretty mildly, until this happened.

 photo IMG_0113_zps877e1a12.jpg

Sarah busted out of the downstairs sliding door in her blue polyester suit, strutting her John Travolta moves like nobody's business.

 photo IMG_0117_zps1c6c0b13.jpg

I could not stop laughing. No one knew she'd been planning to cameo in her tight, baby blue pants. 

It was Sarah that got the real fun started. Everyone followed her lead and before we knew it, the whole family was gettin' down, inhibitions tossed to the wind.  

There's nothing like family. Where else can you get your groove on, knowing no one will care one bit how you dance, what you look like, or how sweaty you get? 

I have a couple videos for you. Here's Sarah in all her disco glory, my cute Mom mimicking her moves, and my Dad shakin' it with his famous twist.

 photo IMG_0121_zps9166bcfc.jpg

The kids didn't stop the whole night. And neither did the sistas.

 photo IMG_0132_zps3677de1f.jpg

In fact, the later it got, the crazier we got. We pulled out the Electric Slide, the Roger Rabbit and Running Man. (Raise your hand if you know what I'm talking about.)

I haven't danced like this in such a long time. Haven't let go like this in... forever!

 photo IMG_0134_zpsc0737cb5.jpg

I was laughing so hard my sides hurt. 

More moves. Mostly kiddos.

 photo IMG_0137_zps32e6dfb0.jpg

I love how "into their own world" the kids were. Dance like nobody's watching, right? And see how sweaty Sami is? That girl won the award for most continuous creative dance.

After 10:00 the kids slowed down but the sisters kept rockin'. I don't know what got into us. 

 photo IMG_0141_zps2d77ded3.jpg

Eliza and Lizzie made these signs to cheer us on. Ha!

So we kept on jammin'. And jammin'. Until it was late enough I got worried the neighbors might call and ask us to turn off the music.

 photo IMG_0143_zps88345412.jpg

The next morning, I felt like I'd been hit by a train. We all did. My hips were sore and my head felt like a thick brick. We were one bleary-eyed, quiet group for breakfast. When I looked at my sister Deb, I said, "I feel hammered. And we don't even drink! Can you imagine if we did??"

That night goes down in Keddington history as one of the best. For sure.

 photo photo-11_zps1fe9a25c.jpg

Day 2 was spent in Park City. 

My parents did the zip line. (My Dad was afraid he wouldn't fit, but lookee there!) Such good sports. 

 photo photo-10_zps3e85bd6c.jpg
Doug and Spencer

The Alpine Coaster was a favorite. Hands-down. 

 photo photo-12_zpsddf5a4bf.jpg
Gordon was my coaster buddy

Gordon laughed the entire way. We ate dinner in Park City, then came home for a movie and popcorn.

 photo IMG_0178_zpscaa8bd8d.jpg

Day 3 we took family photos, had a family discussion, a family history lesson/teaching moment from my parents, and handed out silly awards.

 photo IMG_0175_zps6c1b8101.jpg

These two thought it was hilarious to stick their fingers up their nose. Boys!

 photo IMG_0180_zps8b065de1.jpg

And we closed the reunion with some crazy outtakes.

I adore all these cousins. Love my family. 

While I was totally pooped by the end of this madness, I knew we'd made some great memories. (Disco Night was at the top of the list!) I'm so glad my kids have this wonderful group of people they can call home.


  1. You guys sure know how to have fun!

  2. Brandon just said speaking of your Dad, "He's a good dancer...for a Grandpa" ha ha ha! Looks like a great time!

  3. Mary - we should recreate this for the Keddington fam at large! ;)

    Jill - Lol! Brandon would know. He's a dance authority! :) Do you think the Arvy clan would go for this? Your kids would be fun to jam with!

  4. Thanks for sharing all the awesomeness! I totally want to come to the next disco night. What wonderful memories for all of you.

  5. I think you are the most amazing writer and mother! You truly have an incredible gift! Thank you for all your inspiration and all you do for us moms! I am close friends with Gretchen Gough and Emily Brooks (who I think are also your friends.) Also, one of my dear friends is building a house in your ward (next to the Caines, across from the Riches) and I am so excited for her because she will have so many great neighbors, like you! (We are friends of Jenni and Matt Cannon, too.) Anyways, my friend Brodi Ashton (lots of connections, forgive me for spouting them off) speaks so highly of you and what a talented writer you are. I have been following you for a while and finally just had to send you a BIG thank you for sharing your life and talent with us. Love, Alissa (formerly Redd) Owen

  6. That was fun to relive those few days! We sure had a blast! You guys did such a great job! xo

  7. Leslie - let's do another disco night! With all Keddingtons! :)

    Alissa - Holy Moly - we have a lot of friends in common! We must meet at some point! I mentioned your comment to Jen Cannon, who had all wonderful things to say about you. I love all those people you mentioned - Brodi, Emily, Gretchen et. al... goodness. I hope our paths cross soon. Thank you for your kind, kind words. And for reading. Comments like this make me feel like it's worth writing and keeping on. Bless you.

    Deb - was I nice enough? I didn't post the worst/craziest of our dance pics. ;) xoxo

  8. Oh my embarrassing and yet and I laughed out loud for a while and plan to post a link from my blog. :)
    Thanks for posting these pictures and video. You captured the essence of our family reunion. "crazy fun"
    Thanks for all the efforts!


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