Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Signing and Audio Book Giveaway

Kinda startling when a friend texts you to say, "Hey! We just read your article in the Deseret News!" And you think to yourself, "Yikes! Which article? And what was it about?"

I had no idea our local paper had published an excerpt from the chapter I contributed to Deliberate Motherhood. You can read the entire article here. But it was great PR for the book. And they put in a nice plug for our Book Signing event at The King's English. Which (HEADS UP!) has been rescheduled from October 24th to November 7th.

So, if you had plans to join us, please note the change on your calendar. Book Signing:


The King's English Bookstore1511 S. 1500 E. Salt Lake City.

 photo photo-36_zpsadb624ee.jpg

This week I am giving away an Audio version of Deliberate Motherhood. For those of you who'd rather listen to the book while driving, folding laundry, or washing dishes... Isn't there a nice sense of satisfaction when you can multi-task like that?

Just leave a comment on this post and I'll do a draw at the end of the week.

Autumn here is going quickly. The leaves at higher altitudes are mostly down, and yet along our street, the honey locusts are turning a bright yellow and the big walnut next door is rattling. My guess is that tomorrow it will lose its leaves. They come down, most of them, all in one day. We can hear them. Clattering to the concrete, large and thick, like corn flakes into a ceramic bowl.

More about our Fall Break soon, but here are a few pics. 

 photo IMG_1128_zps84a2f212.jpg

One evening the kids headed across the street to rake leaves for our elderly neighbor, Bette. Their own idea. Because really, it's fun to rake leaves and jump in them, and roll, and rake some more.

 photo IMG_1139_zps960c55f8.jpg

They stayed outside until the moon rose over the snow-dusted mountain. A large harvest moon. Round and luminous behind a wisp of gray cloud.

 photo IMG_1132_zps40f62ddf.jpg

I can't get enough of these days. Just warm enough to live most hours outside. 

I had to bribe the boys tonight to come in for dinner. While trying to talk them out of their favorite bouncy place, I took to laughing. Their hair was going crazy.

 photo photo-37_zps07e3e358.jpg

We decided to call this one Trampoline Mohawk. Cute Spencer. He's electric.

And for more laughs...

I tend to voice text a fair amount in the car, including punctuation. Example: "Darci (comma) Sorry I missed you (period) I'll phone you when I'm home (period) Thanks for your help (period)" So last week, while engaged in such an endeavor, Spencer piped up: "Mom? Is Period your friend?" I laughed out. loud.

A few days ago Gordon asked me, "Mom? Will you text Santa and tell him I want that elephant with the soft blue ears?" Text. Santa. But of course! Only logical, right?

And from Eliza today... out of the blue: "Mom! Did you know the earth is warming and pandas are dying!!?" Me: silence... then audible laughter... then more audible laughter. Not sure why this environmentally loaded conversation-starter struck me as totally hilarious. Because I really do care about the environment. But... wow. So I finally said, "Yes... yes... I did know that." And we sat down for dinner.

Laughter really is good medicine. 
Wishing you a happy week,


  1. I like your article, ;-).

    Unfortunately Salt Lake City is a bit too far away, but I sure would love to meet you in person sometime...

    So long,

  2. We loved seeing you at Cornbellys! Wish we lived close enough to join your running group and have our kids rake leaves together ;)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Sorry that was me up above that removed the comment (I was signed into my husband's account :) I would love to win the audio book!

    I always enjoy reading your posts. They are always uplifting!

  5. Hey girl! Hope this week was a good one for you!

  6. Corinna - maybe some day I'll make it to your neck of the woods! :)

    Kit - I feel the same! Honestly, it was so fun being with you and your girls. And I've been meaning to tell you, you're welcome to our gnome costumes any time! :)

    The Gearys - I peeked at your blog. Your twins! So beautiful! Just darling! It was so fun meeting you. Thanks for your support throughout the book process. So appreciate it!

    Kristi - thanks sweet friend. Sending you birthday wishes tomorrow. xoxo

  7. I just love the way you write about the little moments in life that are truly most important. Happy Fall!

  8. I'd love to win an audiobook... I love your perspective and thoughts and audiobooks are my new friends! Reading while doing housework makes the latter tolerable.

  9. I'd love to win an audiobook... I love your perspective and thoughts and audiobooks are my new friends! Reading while doing housework makes the latter tolerable.

  10. I would so love to hear more of your thoughts on deliberate mothering. Although I don't ever comment, I'm so grateful for good mothers that have the gift to share and express themselves so beautifully. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  11. Cath, your book is on my Christmas list! Also, that mohawk is a thing of beauty and delight :)

  12. The earth warming and the pandas dying made me laugh, too.

  13. Per her request, I'm putting Elizabeth in for the draw (who commented on the most recent post). Here we go...

  14. Oh I hope I'm not too late! I read this a few days ago and assumed you had already done the drawing, but then I saw your post about Sisters in Scriptures and realized I still had the chance! I love the idea of Sisters in Scriptures. Even though I love where I live, there are a few perks to living in Utah that I wish I could experience. . .having the opportunity to be taught by such remarkable women would be amazing. Thank you for sharing the links!


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