Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Night

When Kara phoned Thursday, to check in as good friends do, she said, "I know today's your favorite holiday." She knows me well. I do love Halloween.

I love the crunch of leaves underfoot, the crisp mountain air. I love carving the big pumpkin, planning the costumes, and skipping through the neighborhood at sundown. 

I love the afternoon light, when it scrapes through the clouds and ignites the last of the changing trees. I love the school parades, the candy (yes, I've been known to pilfer Kit Kats and Milky Ways), and the chorus of "trick-or-treat" on a doorstep. I love our neighborhood, with its warm and wonderful people. 

I love the whole fantastic energy of Halloween, of having children this time of year. It is pure delight.

 photo IMG_1828_zps78241bc6.jpg

Every year it gets a little easier to help everyone dress and scoot out the door.

 photo IMG_1804_zps14b06101.jpg

Mary Poppins had a jolly holiday. 

This costume goes down as Eliza's favorite thus far. The hat belonged to my Grandma. I was very close to my Grandma Dorothy, adored her, and each of her granddaughters were given a hat from her collection. My sister Deb inherited this one. So we borrowed it, spruced it up a bit with berries and daisies, and voila! I think Grandma smiled when Eliza opted to wear the hat all. day. long.

 photo IMG_1845_zpse9108b78.jpg

Deb made the coat and skirt. Lucky us to mooch off her super sewing skills. Both Eliza and I loved the details of the costume. The buckled shoes, the red lining in the coat, the silver buttons, the bird umbrella. 

 photo IMG_1810_zps2db71596.jpg

Ali went as Glinda, the Good Witch.

 photo IMG_1857_zpscf373ed2.jpg

When the Tin Man knocked on our door with his three-year old Dorothy, they swooned over Glinda's dress. Ali helped Dorothy chose her candy and when Dorothy left she called out, "Goodbye Glinda! I love you!" Made Ali's night.

 photo IMG_1778_zpsab087796.jpg

Sami, who loves all things kitty, didn't surprise us when she wanted to be a black cat. Had it not been for Eliza though, I would have sent her off to school without whiskers! Typical non-firing of all cylinders.

 photo IMG_1855_zps801af2a6.jpg

Sweet Sam.

 photo IMG_1786_zps89ae3c08.jpg

Sir Spencer of the Rectangle Table wielded his black sword skillfully - whacking at dragons, bad guys, and Gordon. Stand back if you're within arm's length. 

 photo IMG_1792_zps21d84c8a.jpg

Silly guy. He always has a twinkle in his eye. 

I'm holding tight to these boys. Every day I feel the pace of their growing up and I can hardly stand it.

 photo IMG_1832_zpsc2d0be23.jpg

Gordon also mastered the skill of sword swinging. And with great clashing sound effects. 

 photo IMG_1838_zps5561930f.jpg

Sir Gordon. Mighty defender of Glinda, Mary, and black cats everywhere.

 photo IMG_1862_zpsecde4e59.jpg

Then.... they were off! With Ali turning back to retrieve her dropped bag.

 photo IMG_1875_zps6ea43d12.jpg

Costumes and candy are great fun, but really, it's our neighbors that make Halloween so special. So I captured a handful of faces for you. I wish the fading light would have allowed me more.

This is Erica, who lives up the street, and happens to be my second cousin. Our grandmothers are sisters. Love her. My boys have become extensions of her trampoline. Some days they live at her house more hours than they do at mine.

 photo IMG_1890_zps2c32175f.jpg

 photo IMG_1900_zps9ea4f698.jpg

Susie and Robert always grill hot dogs. A ton of work for them, while simplifying Halloween for the rest of us. Bless them. It's so nice not to worry about dinner. We just make the Gardiner's garage one of our first stops. 

 photo IMG_1901_zpse06fe5a6.jpg

They are the best of the best.

 photo IMG_1894_zpsea0f428d.jpg

Eliza couldn't wait to see Miss Tiffany, her primary teacher from church. Tiffany also happens to be my visiting teacher. (Every woman in the LDS church is assigned a friend to look after, care for, serve, and strengthen. This friend is called a Visiting Teacher.) Tiffany has been so good to our family. She's helped me with the boys, brought meals when needed, books, puzzles, and friendship. We love her.

 photo IMG_1899_zps08c99d25.jpg

And here's Margit in her pigtails. Heart of gold, friend to all. 

Wish I had pictures of all the good people in our neighborhood. They are why I never want to leave this beautiful place.

 photo IMG_1907_zpsf5906967.jpg

Last stop for most of our crew was Marion's house. With her famous bubble-wrapped stairs. The snap and pop with every step is a total kick for kids (and parents). Marion's house bumps up to our backyard so the kids watched them set up all afternoon.

Her husband, Steve, is currently serving as the Bishop (pastor) of our congregation. Always positive, always compassionate. They would do anything for anyone.

 photo IMG_1908_zpsef82d138.jpg

Somewhere along the route Glinda grew fangs. Nice touch, eh?

 photo IMG_1913_zpsb5592667.jpg

After scones and hot cider up the street, the kids oozed onto the floor with their piles of candy. Which they ate, sorted, and handed over for safe-keeping. 

Morning came early. All the kids were fed, dressed, and in the car by 7:30 AM for dentist appointments. What was I thinking?? Brutal! And the tired tears by Friday evening? Man! But hey! Now they have clean teeth for all those starbursts and chocolate to rot. Perfect. 

Hoping your Halloween haunts were safe and happy. xo


  1. Oh my goodness, Mary Poppins. Brilliant! All of their costumes are cute!

    1. knit one, knit two - loved the pic of your family on halloween. your twins (like mine) are getting so big! xo

  2. So wonderfully cute and fun!

    After seeing these shots of Gordon and Spencer, PLEASE tell me you have David Mellings' series "Good Knight, Sleep Tight"? I'm sure they would love the antic of the dear knight and his horse!

    1. Ummm... no! So glad you told me! That will be one of their books for Christmas. Love you Kel.

  3. Those are fantastic pictures Cath! Love those little faces. I'm so glad you all had a great Halloween. I need to figure out how to slow down the day so it lasts longer! :) Love you!


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