Sunday, April 6, 2014

Conference Sunday

We are listening to General Conference today (and yesterday). Words from our church leaders who serve on a global level.

I look forward to conference. It gives me clarity in a world of increasing confusion as to who we are, what we ought to do in this life, and what is right. It offers messages of peace during a day when it is too easy for our mind to hijack our heart, leaving us unsure, discouraged, or forgotten.

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I've been watching these tulips slowly rise in the corner of our backyard. The first red petals of spring. Glistening in soft rain today. Outside it is quiet. Inside, our children are busy, loud, and in continual motion. But we are listening. And I am grateful.

These words from Dieter F. Uchtdorf today are an example of the light I always find during conference.

"Gratitude is a disposition, a way of life."

Anyone can listen @ Anytime. Listen while you drive, while you fold, wash, or walk. Plug in. You'll be lifted. I promise.

p.s. Still waiting for the NYT list to go up. I'll let you know. By midnight March 29th we had moved up to #27 in books overall on Amazon, #1 in parenting books, and stayed #1 in mothering books. Your support has been humbling. Thank you again.

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