Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Kicking Off Summer!

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You should have seen my face when he pitched the idea.

Doug (sometime back in January): "So I was thinking we should have a big end of school party in our backyard this year. A dance party. We could do hot dogs, games, dancing, watch an outdoor movie..."

Me (both eyebrows raised after looking at him for several seconds in silence): "Really? That sounds... um... big."

Doug: "I think it would be fun. I've got it all planned out."

Me (still wondering if this is really my husband talking): "Ooookaaaay. Sounds fun. But it also sounds like a lot of work. Why don't we revisit this discussion in a few months?"

So we did. And Doug had every detail, down to the disco ball, figured out. 

Together, we executed the plan, passed out invitations (that Doug made), and threw a Summer Kick-Off party for over 70 Kindergarten - 3rd graders in our neighborhood.

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Yes, 70.

With so many great families around us, it was hard to keep it small. 

We had no idea how it would turn out. I worried there might be too many kids to manage, not enough adult help, not enough food or entertainment. 

But guess what? It went off beautifully. And Doug was right. It was a blast!

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Doug took the day off from work to clean up the yard and handle the technical set-up. Remember the disco dance party he did for our family reunion last summer? He went for a similar effect here. Colored lights strung across the yard, disco ball at one end, sound system, and screen/projector for the movie.

I handled the aesthetics and organized five different activities for kids to visit in both the front and back yard.

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This was the calm before the storm.

 photo IMG_6345_zpse22106ca.jpg

SG watching Doug set up the DJ station.

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And then they arrived.

For one wide-eyed moment of panic, 60-plus kids filled the backyard, hot dogs weren't ready yet, and Doug thought, "They could overthrow us if they wanted. There could be a mutiny."

But there wasn't.

The kids were wonderful. And once I explained the activities, there was happy, organized chaos as the kids made their rounds.

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We couldn't have done it without the amazing help of our neighbor friends who managed the different activities and brought food. Wish I'd thought to gather them together for a photo, but we were all so busy!

We had a hula-hooping contest.

 photo IMG_6352_zps0072bdc7.jpg

Gracie set a record no one even came close to breaking. Are you ready for this? She hula-hooped for 17 minutes and 50 seconds. Go Grace!

 photo IMG_6573_zps8ed86f96.jpg

We did chalk art on the driveway.

 photo IMG_6375_zpsa5d01421.jpg

And beading. The kids made necklaces or bracelets. They are wearing some of the fun jewelry they put together in photos below.

 photo IMG_6442_zps2a4a04bc.jpg

Three awesome moms, Lindy (above), Erica (below), and Janae, did face-painting. Pics below to show-off their talented artwork.

 photo IMG_6501_zps053fe0f7.jpg

Erica, bless her heart, let the kids paint her face!

 photo IMG_6438_zpse1608d6e.jpg

We set up a "Dead-Eye" station, mostly for the boys to practice shooting down soda cans with water guns. (This got a little crazy when the third grade boys commandeered the Super Soakers. But all in all, it was pretty controlled.)

And look! The girls were not to be outdone.

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We also set up a "Take a Photo" area, where the kids could put on various hats and accessories, then have their picture taken. 

I could post a dozen more pics of these silly kids with their stellar face paint and funny props.

 photo IMG_6367_zpsa76c521e.jpg

Meg, the butterfly cowgirl.

 photo IMG_6379_zps47465569.jpg

Giggles and more giggles.

 photo IMG_6389_zps2ff71481.jpg

These two outlaws. Wanted dead or alive.

 photo IMG_6397_zps4ec04585.jpg

Alex, showing off his bracelet and our handsome hombre, Nick.

 photo IMG_6399_zps879a34d3.jpg

The darling preschoolers, who came with their mamas.

 photo IMG_6403_zpsa6d5e000.jpg

Three Cheeto Puff girls. (Sami, not pictured, told me afterwards that the best part of the party was being able to eat as many Cheetos as she wanted. Endless Cheetos. Who knew she was so easy to please?)

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You might not recognize these two clowns. Eliza and her friend, Katherine.

 photo IMG_6432_zps9a689c94.jpg

The Bat Twins.

 photo IMG_6455_zps8154e189.jpg

Diva Sistas.

 photo IMG_6459_zps9bb49779.jpg

Popsicles and pink hats.

 photo IMG_6448_zps6d9d9e4a.jpg

Sweet Summer. Yes, that's her name. So, of course, I had to include her. 

 photo IMG_6466_zps3003b98e.jpg

And Gordon and Spencer, with their bike brigade.

 photo IMG_6483_zpse0c7c31b.jpg

After activities, we broke down the tables and made room for dancing. Doug had been working on a playlist for a couple months.

We started with the hokey-pokey, I led them in the Electric Slide, and then they started jamming on their own.

 photo IMG_6482_zps6dd2849d.jpg

The older girls were cracking me up with their moves.

 photo IMG_6487_zpsae783c14.jpg

And hey! It's never too late for another hot dog, right?

 photo IMG_6485_zps03af4620.jpg

View from the playhouse.

 photo IMG_6493_zps817d9fba.jpg

Put your hands in the air...

 photo IMG_6497_zpsc7bec2f2.jpg

Doug the DJ.

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At one point some of the girls started doing gymnastics tricks. 

Little Lilly, totally unaware, ran right across the line of fire as Lexi was driving down the yard with a series of back handsprings. How they missed each other I do not know. A miracle.

Because we made it through the entire night with only one band-aid applied to a scraped elbow.

 photo IMG_6475_zpsbd14cbe5.jpg

I look at this photo and laugh. This was the only moment we stood next to each other the whole night. But in retrospect, I think we made a good team. 

As the sun went down, Doug set up and the screen and started the movie. Princess Bride. A first for most of those kids.

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We had popcorn, licorice, and treats that friends brought to share. 

After everyone went home, I crashed on the couch around 12:30 AM, but Doug stayed up until 2:00, picking up garbage, washing out coolers, taking down equipment.

He was the energizer bunny that day. I'm still in awe that he/we pulled it off.

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How we survived the onslaught of birthdays, anniversaries, book events, recitals, and various parties the last thirty days of our existence remains a mystery. But we did. Now, ready or not, it's Summer!

Weeks ago, the thought of no homework and no sack lunches made me giddy. 

It would also make me hyperventilate. A little. The prospect of kids home. All day. Every day. For 80 days.

But we're three days into Summer now and I am pleasantly surprised. The kids are falling into our new routine of chores, reading, and journaling with more ease than I anticipated. They have been (fairly) cheerful. And we are gladly enjoying a slower pace. 

It took us two days to recover from the party, but I think we're back on the rails again. Heading full speed ahead into a warm and glorious Summer.


  1. Woah, that sounds like a wonderful party -- and what a great idea!!! I am always amazed, though, at how you manage that many kids. For some reasons, our only-kids-parties don't go as smoothly since the kids just won't want to run with the crowd. But parties with kids _and_ parents work well -- so well that I just send out the invitations for our maybe-already-farewell-or-maybe-just-summer-party... (we still don't know for sure when we are leaving for China, but we'll party none-the-less, ;-)).

    So I will have to get back to you and Doug on how to organize such a big event!

    Enjoy your summer -- usually the first couple of days are kind of weird, but after that I could not imagine a more relaxed and enjoyable time, ;-).

    Take care,

    1. Yes! Please keep me posted on your timing for China. So excited for you. You'll need a fun, happy send-off! No doubt your friends/neighbors are going to miss you! xoxo

  2. So much fun!! I wish I lived in your neighborhood, party planner extraordinaire!

    1. It was an experiment of sorts to see if we could pull it off, but the kids were so well-behaved, and our amazing neighbors made it do-able. We had a great time! Hope you're well Cheryl.

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Cath! Last time I read a party post on your blog I made my 1st Pinata!! ;-) You are full of great ideas. Your efforts are appreciated in Europe too. Big thank you! For sure this post will inspire me for our next orchard party I will plan. Kisses!

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