Monday, July 21, 2014

On Top of the World

They're back! The Kesler clan! With their summer music video from Island Park. Singin' it this time, with Imagine Dragons! I love what Kelsi said about their song choice: "When we're together as a family at Island Park, we ARE on top of the world!"

You can feel that elation from them as you see them interact, laugh together, play together. Makes me miss our summers reunions at the Kesler cabin - skiing, canoeing, laughing through talent shows, and watching Grandpa Wray ski off the dock.

Brett's drone camera makes for some sweet footage. Love the mountaintop shots, the new generation of Keslers getting taller/older, and I think Scott's belly flop might be the best yet.

Oh! and don't miss the extras at the end... they always make me giggle.

Kesler cousins - y'all keep reminding us how wonderfully safe and happy family can be. Love you guys!


  1. Thanks for the newest installment. What a fun family.


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