Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Be The Good

I've been itching to tell you some happy news. And I can't wait any longer. Months ago I was invited to join a team of great writers and people who care about being the good. About sharing the good. A group called Multiply Goodness.

After lots of hard work by some very inspired and creative people (with whom I am simply tagging along) our shiny, new website, in all its gorgeousness, is up! Check it out. Skim through "who we are" and see if you recognize anyone. One of us will be posting every day once we get rolling. Short, inspiring memos you can share.

Be sure to read Emily Freeman's #bethegood challenge.  

I took the challenge. Will you?

 photo photo1_zps033252ec.jpg

While reading back posts tonight, I was inspired by a video Macy Robison posted. Have you met Kid President? 

He is totally worth knowing. He makes me laugh. And cry a smidge. He is someone who, despite being handed a tough life, has decided to make others happy. By the end I wanted to smooch those luscious cheeks, give him a big high five, then sit down on his front porch and eat a corn dog.

Talk about being the good. 

Gather your family around and watch him tell it how it is. He will make you smile. 

More about Multiply Goodness coming soon.


  1. Cath, the site looks beautiful. I'm looking forward to following along and sharing too. I don't know if all of the contributors are LDS but I've been wishing for something like this for us in the blog world for awhile. I feel sad when Christian bloggers who I love are disparaging of Mormons and it makes me happy to see this "we love Jesus" so we do good, seek good, speak good. Yay you all!

    1. Shelley - that is the grandest thing about Multiply Goodness. The variety of voices joining there. About half are LDS, half not. We're coming together in a joint love of God and beautiful things, and a desire to spread love, courage, laughter, and hope. I hope you'll follow along. I'm thrilled about it. You're so sweet to comment. And to read. Sure love you! xoxo

  2. Hooray! I'm so excited we are getting started! Can't wait to get to know you better. I've been blog stalking you for a while as I've worked on the site. :) And I just love those Power of Moms ladies, so I was thrilled to see you've written for them too!

    1. Macy! How fun to connect with you here! I am anxious to get to know you better too. I just cruised your beautiful photography site, listened to you sing on Deseret Book's website (WOW!) and got a feel for your amazing gifts. As well as your honest, joyful life. Planning to learn much from you. What an opportunity. Sending love.

  3. I get to read more of your wonderfullness? Brilliant!


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