Monday, November 17, 2014

There is Always Hope

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I'm at Multiply Goodness today. Talking about a story I heard on NPR a month ago. About a policeman who has been working LA's Skid Row for 17 years. Unheard of in his profession. His take on the homeless, drug addicts, and parolees that pitch their tents there opened my eyes. You can find a link to the full story in my post. Worth listening to.

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Last week we were without heat in our home for over 48 hours. Temps plummeted that first day our furnace wasn't working into the 30s. It was cold. 58 degrees inside when we woke the following morning. Which doesn't seem too bad. But it was nippy. We huddled around space heaters trying to stay warm. Again and again I thought about those individuals down at Pioneer Park pacing the block, huddling together with backpacks and shopping carts. I cannot imagine having nowhere warm to go.

Then yesterday, we walked our neighborhood, handing out fliers for our upcoming Food Drive. Did you know 17% of Utah's population is unsure where their next meal will come from? Also something I cannot imagine. 

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In these coming months, our hearts and pockets will open a little wider to populations different form ours. People with real needs. Like food, shelter, and a warm place to sleep. It is our responsibility to give. To share. And in this time of increased giving, I find it renewing to think the way this policeman thinks. (More in my post.) He believes no one is without hope. No one is beyond help. No one is past the point of being able to change.

Head on over to Multiply Goodness and read more. If you want to receive our daily emails called "daily good," sign up on the right side of my post. We will send you the new content each day. Short reads that will lift and broaden you. Small bits of courage, laughter, hope, or love. They are meant to be shared. So when you read them, maybe a name will come into your mind. 

We are also doing a "Goodness for your Weekend" post each Friday. This was last weekend's. They are always fun. Clean and uplifting. I like to share them with my kids. I'm embedding one of the videos here. An ABC news story, you have to watch. It's the most compassionate thing I've seen in a long time. 

There is always hope. 

Maybe we can be that hope. That heart split wide. That gift someone is needing. 

Welcome November. You've crept in slowly. Crisp and shining with frosted light. Already, I am full of gratitude.


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  3. Wow. That officer and that family. Thanks for sharing.


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