Friday, April 3, 2015

Baptism Girls

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It is Good Friday. And all is quiet in the house this morning. 

Sunlight is racing in the living room windows but the children are still asleep. I woke early to make dough for hot cross buns and it's in the pot, warm and rising. So I am taking a minute to write about Alexandra and Samantha and their baptism day.

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Our dear Michelle took photos of the girls several weeks earlier. She even made the beautiful flower crowns. Thank you Michelle. It was impossible to narrow this post down to a few favorites. 

Looking at these images, I see a vision of what the girls will look like at 16. It's the way their heard is turned or a hand is placed. And it stops my heart. 

Childhood goes. 

Way too fast.

 photo EI3C8227_zps6lvonujb.jpg

This sweet girl continues to surprise me with her unselfishness and peaceable walk. Every family needs leaven and Sami is ours. Always soft with her siblings, able to turn a grumpy face to laughter, she moves through each day with an innate desire to do the right thing. She has a contagious gusto for life. She is silly and creative. And she is love. It comes easily to her.

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Ali is perceptive, quick, and wise. She sees needs before I do, is first to come to my side when I need help, first to go find the boys, set the table, or add flour to the cookie dough. Sometimes I feel small arms around my waist only to look down and find her leaning into me, holding me close. Ali is a part of me, of all of us, and I love to hear her thoughts, watch her dance, see her smile.

 photo EI3C8380_zpsmpxh1bec.jpg

My girls, where will you go? What will you do with your one wild and precious life?

 photo EI3C8142_zpsbgtdnxym.jpg

 photo EI3C8535_zps8ilphn07.jpg

That look of knowing a secret... 

 photo EI3C8965_zpsw09dl0jx.jpg

Sami... laughing, always happy.

 photo EI3C7811_zpsxabmgepb.jpg

They are truly different from each other. But together, I think they make a spectacular team. I hope they will always use their individual strengths to lift and support each other. To love, not compare. And that is tricky for twins.

 photo EI3C8650_zps3ssgtbif.jpg

Michelle captured so well their personalities in these next photos. Their expressions, the tugging and teasing, the giggles, and eventually, the joy of simply being together. Of coming to earth together. To forever share their adventures.

 photo EI3C8687_zpshkb29z1c.jpg

 photo EI3C8826_zpsscwtekpa.jpg

 photo EI3C8629_zpse6aiq4gr.jpg

 photo EI3C8846_zpsuwxt3kyh.jpg

   photo EI3C9015_zpsxdowjavl.jpg

At this point, they were almost delirious with laughter. So we finished up. And stopped for eclairs on the way home.

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I love these two girls, and the choices they are making.

Baptism, I think, is the most beautiful of all the covenants we make in the LDS church. I am always touched when I attend a baptismal service. It's the symbolism, especially at this Easter time, that makes it such.

Immersed in the water fully, just as Christ went into the grave, we then rise, clean and new, just as Christ did on the third day. He, a resurrected being, offers hope to the world. These girls, rising out of the water, have hope for long and wonderful lives as His disciples.

 photo IMG_9672_zpsl0lmcmgv.jpg

I think this is my favorite picture from the day. Those smiles, in front of the baptismal font, with that glorious stained glass behind.

 photo IMG_9668_zpschna0ame.jpg

Ali and Sami were lucky to share their special day with two of their closest friends, Lydia and Lucy.

 photo IMG_9612_zpscp285ud5.jpg

Here they are, all four, in their baptismal whites.

 photo IMG_9658_zpsz75smosn.jpg

I am so grateful Doug was able to baptize the girls. As we age, mature, and raise this family of ours, I realize what a gift it is to share a common love for the Savior, as well as a commitment to our church and its practices. 

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Because he holds the priesthood (as do most lay members of our church who are men), he is able to officiate in or perform ordinances like this. Something that never makes me feel unequal or less than; it only makes me grateful. For it ties him to our children, provides specific ways in which he can participate in their progression, be a part of their spiritual life.

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We came back to our home for a luncheon afterwards with friends and family.

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Marion brought over this delicious cake for the girls. Hopefully you remember her from other posts. She gives and gives and gives to our family, loving our children so generously. We're so grateful she is just over the backyard wall.

 photo IMG_9694_zpscgnvfs2e.jpg

Here is my Aunt Leslie (left), that I wrote about a couple posts ago. Angel lady who not only helped us prep for new carpet, but made a Costco run to get food for the luncheon. She really came to the rescue that weekend.

And Deb (right), whom I love.

 photo IMG_9700_zpsrmwrvhso.jpg

Brothers. Giving me the famous Keddington eyebrow. My Dad and Roger have the best time together. Roger is married to Leslie. So grateful for them.

 photo IMG_9684_zpsvdgisqhy.jpg

Beautiful Kara, who sneaked away after feeding her babies. And My sister Bec, just about to have her third. Baby Ada, who arrived the week following.

 photo IMG_9680_zpssbpvz2zn.jpg

Doug, visiting with his Mom. 

 photo IMG_9687_zps4cleynwj.jpg

My Mom and sister Sarah. 

My Mom has had a rough go the last couple months. Two ER visits, unrelated to her tumor, more seizures, and she is participating in a new imaging cancer study. Having her there was a blessing.

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Baby sis and her hubby, Rachel and Eric.
    photo IMG_9688_zpssse8cxvj.jpg

My cousin Mary, her husband Travis, and their boys also joined us. Unfortunately, I did a horrible job of taking photos at the luncheon. I only caught those who were sitting down.

 photo IMG_9677_zpswc33hroa.jpg

I can't believe at one point I was spoon-feeding these two rice cereal, trying to figure out how to get them to sleep at the same time, juggling one, and then the other. 

Change is inevitable. A constant, unstoppable force in life. Nothing stays the same. We keep moving, growing, and living out new parts of our life.

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And that is just as it should be.


  1. What a wonderful day for your lovely twins. I wish I could have been there. There is a lot of happiness in these photos.

    1. We wish you could have been there too Ellen. Ali adores you. Hoping you come visit soon! xoxo

  2. I loved this post! Such beautiful girls! Wow!

    What a special day for the girls. Baptisms are so very special. How wonderful that they will now be able to look back on this for years to come and relive such a beautiful day!

    1. Will you be at the May retreat this year? Hoping all is well with you and your darlings Monica. xo

  3. Absolutely gorgeous girls!! Their smiles are just so radiant and lovely. These pictures are amazing! Congratulations to those sweet, sweet angels!

    I am so glad that you had so many loved ones join you for that special day. So many beautiful, loving faces there.

    Happy Easter, dear Cath! I really appreciate all the Easter traditions and insights you have shared through the years. So much wisdom and devotion! Wishing you a lovely spring break (if it's still ahead of you). Hoping that you can catch your breath and get some refreshment for the soul. Love you

    1. Sweet Anne Marie, working on a card to you. I'm still so grateful for your gesture of caring and love in sending that precious book. I was so lifted by Elder Holland's reminder, "it must needs be" - we agreed to this time of challenges and refinement. My mother has had a setback. Her tumor is growing and two seizures last weekend left her without the use of her left hand. She is discouraged and trying desperately to hold on, to have hope. I am reading the book with her in mind and sharing thoughts with her. Thank you dear friend. You will never know how your act of goodness is blessing our family. I love you.

  4. You're lucky to have such a beautiful baptismal font in your ward/stake! Congratulations to your darling girls.

    1. I agree. It is a beautiful place. Thank you for visiting here.

  5. I loved reading this post. Your girls are so lovely and so different. I love the way you celebrate their strengths.

    1. M - thank you again for the gorgeous photos. And for helping me see/discover their unique strengths. I love you.

  6. I loved this post. It seems like just yesterday I accompanied Alison in taking photos of your family when spencer and gordon were tiny babies and these girls were tiny toddlers. they have both grown into such lovely, sweet girls and they radiate through the pictures you post. what a blessing to be a mother to such sweet little people.

    1. Just getting around to replying here. But Lizzie, thank you for your kindness. I love you. You are just about to enter that busy season of more than one. Of multiple little feet around you. I'm so happy for you. You are a beautiful, thoughtful, devoted mother. Such lucky children to call you mama. Wishing you all the best in upcoming weeks. xoxo

  7. Sorry, this is not concerning this blog post, but I just read a piece by you on Segullah entitled The Battle in Our Brains. I am trying to find the credentials of Tina Peterson. What is her training and professional background? I am not questioning her ideas or her conclusions, just wanting to know more about her.

    Gary Henrichsen
    Waldport Branch
    Waldport, Oregon

    1. Gary, thanks for your comment. Tina Peterson is an LDS institute teacher in the greater Salt Lake area. She has studied original texts in original languages, including the Dead Sea Scrolls. I'm not sure of her other credentials. But I do know the brain science she spoke of is well-documented by leading researchers in the field, including Dean Belnap who wrote a fascinating book called A Brain Gone Wrong. Another leading writer/researcher in neuroplasticity is Daniel Siegel who wrote The Whole Brain Child. I hope this helps!


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