Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cardinals in the Trees

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Our darling nephew, Corvin, left on an LDS mission for Norway last week. Homeland for Doug's family. He spoke to his congregation the Sunday before he left. And much of his talk was about how God does not forget us, none of us. I've been thinking a lot about what he said.

I didn't write about him in this piece at Segullah, but I did write about one of the ways we can be sure God knows us. Through signs and wonders. Through evidence that he cares about us. I am learning, however, that this gift of marveling is fragile. Maybe you've seen it crack, or splinter within yourself. Maybe you've seen others walk away and forget miracles they've seen. The ability to see God requires development and practice. It requires time.

Join me there, and add your comments if you would. As I tell you about seeing cardinals in the trees.

Much love,

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  1. I'm reading! Hooray!
    I LOVED this post. So beautifully expressed and remembered. Thank you. It made me miss you and talking to you whenever I feel like it for however long I feel like. And hearing your thoughts and expressions and discoveries. Love you.

    1. How can we live so close and feel so far? Seasons. Demands. Children. I miss you too. I'm overdue for a long talk on your front yard swing. Love you Kara.

  2. I guess I'm late, comments are closed, so I'm coming here. Loved that post, love you, love the reminder to marvel. I'm going to marvel today.


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