Friday, December 25, 2015

To You Christ is Born

It was my day to post at Segullah yesterday. While I was sure no one had time to read anything, I still posted a few words. Short thoughts from one of my favorite essays by Martin Luther. Because he so beautifully reminds us why we celebrate.

It is true. What the angel told the shepherds. That Jesus was born unto you. For you. And because of you.

Full text here. 

 photo The_Shepherds_and_the_Angel_zpsnux2qpxf.jpg

The Shepherd to the Angel by Carl Bloch

It is a beautiful, snowy morning here in Salt Lake. The skies are aswirl in white, our gifts are unwrapped, all the kids are engaged in new toy exploration, and I just woke from a late morning nap on the couch. A nap. And it's not even noon!

Happy Christmas... to you.

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