Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Loving Spring

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I have held on tightly to Spring this year. Loved all the rain, the low-lying clouds, the days that popped with sunshine. I have swooned over each new wave of blossoms. More than I usually do. 

Maybe because our five are growing taller, all of them, in spurts lately, and they're leaning less on mom. And winter, with all its illness, felt much too long. All the precipitation has made for gorgeous color. And a new yard has meant surprises, discoveries, everything growing on its own.

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Over Spring Break we visited Deseret Village and held the new baby chicks, panned for gold, trekked through old pioneer streets.

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The chickies, all fuzzy and warm, were everyone's favorite.

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Tiny black eyes blinking open and closed.

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Sami, our vet in training, was particularly enamored. I'm convinced she would have stayed right here in the barn, all day long, cuddling and whispering to the chicks, had I not begged her to follow us. 

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I love her hands in this photo, reaching out to help Gordon. She taught the boys how to gently scoop the chickies up and hold them in clasped fingers.

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Eliza was drawn to this black one.

She likes things, people, even chicks, that are different.

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Ali was skittish over the whole deal, but eventually, Sami convinced her to take a turn.

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Triumphant. Albeit held at arm's length and still unsure.

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One of the staffers pointed us out and said, "You guys like polka-dots, don't you?"

I guess we do!

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The pony rides were fun...

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All 20 seconds of saddle glory. 


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20 seconds, which equated to one turn round the walker, was laughable. Especially after waiting in a considerable line. But... I zipped my lips and didn't complain.

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It's a beautiful spot right here, at the mouth of Emigration canyon.

I love the Wasatch mountains during Spring. The tip tops dusted with snow while the hillsides simultaneously turn green.

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We stopped at the Barber and everyone got a shave. Even the girls. Ha!

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In the Native American village, the kids made arrowhead necklaces and we visited with this beautiful grandmother. Who comes from the Navajo tribe.

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Look at her long braids and beautiful blue eyes. Her belt and moccasins are hand-beaded. She made the entire outfit herself.

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Panning for gold was a riot. Workers load the silt in this small creek with iron pyrite. So it doesn't take much swirling of your pan to reveal something glittery. The kids were ecstatic.

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We took the "gold" to the Bank, to see how much it was worth in pioneer days. They could tuck their gold into a pocket or exchange it for a bank note. Ali is the only one who chose a bank note. "Because it stays safer that way." Smart girl.

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As rain and wind began to barrel out of the canyon, we made one last stop at the Heber C. Kimball home. A replica of the original that used to sit on the corner of North Temple and Main.

Heber is great-great-great-great grandpa to these kiddos. So we had to peek in the windows, and ring the bell out front, just to see if someone was home.

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We've been oohing and aaahing over the blossoms for weeks now. In this picture, Eliza's pink soccer ball is camouflaged by the tree.

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We decided it was time to pull out the little lawn chairs.

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One morning I lifted the boys' blinds to find the branches outside their window exploding with pink. The view took my breath away. It was like sitting in a tree house!

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The black cherry tree outside Eliza's window was also exploding.

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With tiny white flowers.

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Every time I walked by her bedroom I had to pause. 

Our house in the trees.

This girl made of light.

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The view at the edge of our property makes me so happy.

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And bundles of red tulips, coming up in every corner of the yard.

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Festive and bright.

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We had our first picnic of the season. 

Can't believe next school year I will be lunching by myself. Not sure how I feel about that yet.

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Cut this vase of fragrant purple. For Maggie. Oh how she loved her lilacs. 

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One chilly evening, Doug and Eliza assembled a trampoline. Did the whole thing themselves.

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And our world changed.
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Even Doug and I have had fun getting our jump on. 

Check out Doug's Van Halen Panama move! 

If you don't know abut Spring Free Trampolines yet, now's the time. Touted as the safest trampoline in the world, this was the only one Doug would buy. It was designed by an Australian Dad/Engineer. No springs. No bars. Extremely durable flexi-net. And just as bouncy as other trampolines.

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One day Spence and Gordy made a home for themselves on the trampoline. Complete with favorite stuffed animals, pillows, Mr. Potato Head, and snacks. 

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Finally, a wreath for the front door. Which also makes me happy.

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And water in the canal! 

The canal is dry during winter months, so the kids anxiously waited for the day the city would divert creek water into the canal. Cold, but so much fun!

Look at those two toads, trying to blast me with their water cannons.

 photo IMG_3402_zpsiamozna8.jpg

Armed and dangerous.

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One rainy day we went exploring. While deciding if I, being the tallest, could venture into a long tunnel, we felt someone watching us.

 photo IMG_7110_zpsvyzo2u9a.jpg

Looking up, we saw our old friends. Can you spy them too?

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And lastly, this moment. 

On a brisk and windy day, we dug out our unopened kite and drove down to the park. Our little pal Walter was with us. His baby sister is still in the NICU. We're hoping she comes home soon. 

It's been years since we've flown a kite and it made us laugh out loud. You know the feeling. The yank of the wind. An invisible hand tugging you forward, wrestling with you, almost knocking you off your feet.

Thank heavens winter also means spring.

I feel like Virginia Woolf who wrote, "I enjoy the spring more than autumn now. One does, I think, as they get older."


  1. I love your Spring too, what great pictures and memories. The first Spring in your new home, with so many more to come. :)

  2. Just this year, I thought, "When did spring become my favorite season??" It must be the fact that I'm getting older. I agree wth Virginia! Beautiful post!

  3. Wow, this is so beautiful, all of it! Your kids will have wonderful memories of their childhood -- this is what it's supposed to be like, :-)

    So long,


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