Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Keddington Reunion 2016

I refuse to move past Summer without documenting a few more things. Like our Keddington Reunion. Please indulge me the next couple posts, as I wrap up summer. 

We gathered on the 4th of July weekend. Seems so long ago now!

 photo IMG_3823_zpsqajp65wz.jpg

This photo makes me laugh for all the wandering eyes. It's a bird... it's a plane.. nope, it's... a drone. We were trying to take an aerial shot and no one was quite sure where to look for the photo.

 photo IMG_3851_zpsutaxbv57.jpg

Liza, laughing in the light.

 photo IMG_3844_zpskkmtogyw.jpg

Sarah, posing for a pregnancy picture. I made her do it. And she couldn't take me seriously...

 photo IMG_3840_zpszqvtgwq2.jpg

But darling Hana was happy to pose for the camera.

With baby brother on the way, I think her shirt says all.

 photo IMG_3830_zpsfcxtkzkb.jpg

My beautiful parents. 

Laughter keeps them going. 

In July, an MRI showed two new spots on my Mom's brain, possibly new tumor. This was discouraging since she is no longer a candidate for treatment, surgical or oncological, and new cancer will mean palliative care. But a perfusion MRI in August showed the spots were most likely necrosis (dead tissue) from radiation.

Talk about relief. I could hardly think of anything else that day as I waited for them to return from seeing the neurosurgeon. That afternoon, while driving carpool, I was talking with my Dad on the phone, and sank back into the front seat to say a silent prayer of gratitude. 

I just wasn't ready to go down that road again.

So, we are feeling blessed. Despite the challenges of caregiving.

 photo IMG_8178_zpsudtnmwhk.jpg

My sister Bec, and her husband Neil, were in charge of the reunion this summer. They did a great job planning everything and staying central to my parents' home so my Mom could participate. First day together, we hiked up Adam's canyon. (Mom and Dad sat this one out.) 

Above photo was taken right before I fell backwards over a rock and pulled both Bec and baby Ada down with me. Luckily, we were all okay. But not a pretty landing! 

 photo IMG_8198_zpstpjkrxse.jpg

Cousin Trekkers. In their Keddington T-shirts that Shirlee made. Thank you Shir!

 photo IMG_8199_zpsi8xchwvd.jpg

Waterfall at the top of Adam's Canyon. Gorgeous spot!

 photo IMG_3901_zpsi3cmsx7s.jpg

Shirlee made the boys these awesome Ghostbuster backpacks. Kept them busy for a good afternoon!

 photo IMG_3904_zpskbzq8kry.jpg

And one the best parts of the weekend was zorbing. Have you tried this? It's hysterical! And so much fun!

   photo IMG_3895_zpsrom9q3zk.jpg

Ali, ready to roll!

 photo IMG_3854_zps3henhdhv.jpg

For action shots, watch this short video I spliced together. Confession: this is my first time editing a video. Crazy but true. I only had snippets of footage to piece together because my good camera was on the fritz. And I can't get those lame subtitles to turn off. But I'm calling it good. You'll get the idea.

 photo IMG_3916_zpsbmfeiokt.jpg

The kids decorated pillow cases. Love this pic of Lizzie.

 photo IMG_3888_zpsyntt8st3.jpg

We had a pull-up contest. This is Gordy going after it. Note the dollar bills sticking out of his pocket. This was his second attempt at breaking his record. One crisp dollar for every pull-up. It was hilarious. And the bandaids on both elbows are classic. I've said this before but we burn through waterproof bandaids like loaves of bread around here. And these tough strips are the only kind I buy.  

 photo IMG_3866_zpscbc7tcbf.jpg

And we had a great time cheering everyone on. Adults included.

 photo IMG_3827_zpsrp4vvrgp.jpg

We love it when my brother Dave and his family are in town. On Sunday, we went to church, all of us together, to the chapel we grew up attending, and sat on that same second row. 

We listened as both my parents shared their feelings about Jesus, about our church community and their kindness, about family. In the Mormon faith, we call it "bearing testimony." It's an opportunity the first Sunday of every month to stand, or in Mom's case, sit, and tell what you believe, and why.

Dave stood to represent our siblings, mentioning that he's probably gone to church in that chapel, with those people, more than anywhere else in the world. He said thank you to all the good, good friends there, who continue to love and serve our parents. It was a tender hour to be together.

 photo IMG_3804_zpscnlniuqh.jpg

Sunday afternoon Dad and Mom told stories about their parents and grandparents.

 photo IMG_3812_zpsrssj7idy.jpg

It's so important to tell these kind of stories. 

 photo IMG_3800_zpszcw8xg2t.jpg

So they can live on in younger hearts. Forge a connection between generations.

Oakley Rodeo was on the schedule. Always a favorite.

 photo IMG_8261_zpsc9z19bcf.jpg

The red, white, and blue. Gallantly streaming.

 photo IMG_8262_zps1ntt7gsj.jpg

Toothless cowboys.

 photo IMG_8248_zpscinjbdqh.jpg


Sunday night, I slept out with all the kids on a tarp in the backyard. 

 photo IMG_8270_zps9qsrx8hj.jpg

It's simply unfun to realize you are in your forties instead of fourteen. I woke every hour trying to get comfortable, rolling from side to side. And my back! Took me all morning to get it moving again!

As kids we would sleep out there lots of summer nights, with just a sleeping bag, until sunlight spread over the mountain or we woke to the sound of the sprinklers.

On this morning, I woke at 6AM (rather opened my eyes) to the boys playing Candyland. Neil and his boys woke to the sound of sprinklers and made a mad, sleepy dash for dry ground. We had a good laugh.

 photo IMG_4277_zpsk1nbm1zm.jpg

On Monday the 4th, my Dad gathered the kids for a flag raising ceremony.

 photo IMG_3920_zpsb6hbcnqd.jpg

We said the pledge of allegiance, hands over hearts.

 photo IMG_3924_zpsr6xiznbz.jpg

Dave taught the boys how to shoot a bb gun.

Bless his big Texan heart. He was so patient. And taught them all about gun safety.

 photo IMG_3927_zpsjjbtigac.jpg

They were so into this.

 photo IMG_3931_zps6dzvzasg.jpg

 photo IMG_3940_zpsi3blicfy.jpg

Then we finished the day with a piñata. And fireworks.

 photo IMG_3963_zpsvwqsitgf.jpg

So grateful for this land of the free. Where families can worship according to their heart and conscience. Where we can gather in safety. Where our tables are full and we have beds to sleep in (especially after sleeping outside on a tarp). Where we can honestly say, life is beautiful. Life is good.


  1. This is a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your family and showing us the love and testimonies you all have.

  2. What a fun reunion! I love hearing about your family.

  3. What fun!! Love you and your awesome family.

  4. What a wonderful post!!! And a wonderful family!!!


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