Sunday, October 30, 2016

Stand Back and Watch Me Work

A couple months ago Eliza was asked to paint something for the cover of our children's church program. I absolutely love the mixed media piece she composed. So I wrote about her art, her dyslexia, and our effort to study the scriptures together. 

 photo IMG_4673_zpskukpmoyd.jpg

Thanks to Eliza's artistic symbolism, when I open the scriptures I have this visual now, of all the gifts that rise out of God's words. And my interactions with her are teaching me God is in charge. He feels after his children, and speaks to them in his own time and way. Full story at Segullah today.

Enjoy this gorgeous October Sabbath,


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  2. I just printed a copy of her art and slipped it in my calendar. It will remind me of sweet Eliza and the scriptures. heart ep

  3. Cath, I was thinking today about Eliza's art and wondering if you would ever consider doing prints of it. I would like to give my girls a copy of it for Christmas....

    1. Michelle, we have aspirations to start an online shop for Eliza, so she can sell prints of her art. Just a glimmer in our eye right now, but we're hoping to make that happen! You're so sweet. For now, if you want to print from my blog, you are more than welcome! xoxo

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