Thursday, November 24, 2016

Conscious of Our Treasures

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On Thanksgiving Eve, we wrote gratitude lists, counted gifts, filled paper to the edges then taped our thanks to the kitchen wall.

This special November Thursday has become a favorite at our house.

Come morning, Doug is stirring the filling for his grandmothers' no bake pumpkin pie on the stove. Our children are watching the Rockettes kick in perfect unison at the Macy's Thanksgiving parade on NBC. And I am about to begin my grandmother's recipe for turkey dressing.

I ran the icy streets this morning before sun-up. Grateful for gloves, a fleece hat, and a healthy body.

Run alone and you notice so much. The sound of your breath, the way your elbows glide past your ribs, branches still laden with leaves and snow bent to the street, the crunch of crystalline tire tread underfoot.

And I smelled the most wonderful smells...

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We prepared for our meal, let the dough rise, and set the table.

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(The rest of my Thanksgiving thoughts on noticing our treasures at Segullah today. Happy Thanksgiving my dearest readers and friends. I am so very thankful for you.)

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