Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cabin Days

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Snowmelt is filling the canyon streams. Our tulips are poking through the leaves. And even the cherry trees are starting to show their pinkish petals. March is proving to be warm, windy, and happy. Makes me feel like summer isn't too far away.

In looking through drafted posts, I discovered this treasure that never went up. For some long-forgotten reason, I didn't get around to it. 

It's from Summer 2015. When we spent a few days up at Kara and Dave's cabin. The pictures are so delightful, I just can't delete it. So... I clicked "publish."

Even though everyone is older now and so much life has happened in between, it's good to look back and remember how luxurious it is to have seasons. To live in the mountains, to have good friends, to share good food round the table. 

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The photos (mostly) speak for themselves.

Kara and Dave, we love you. Thanks for sharing your piece of heaven with us.

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 photo IMG_1059_zpsavm84jnr.jpg

When Kara and Dave's twinnies were still teeny. 

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 photo IMG_1069_zpsb2iree9d.jpg

Sami is still our best babysitter.

 photo IMG_1072_zpsbm54vleh.jpg

 photo IMG_1079_zpseb77iycd.jpg

Dave's handiwork.

 photo IMG_1080_zpsrlbcsd4j.jpg

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Darling Caleb.

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 photo IMG_1104_zpshfuyyf5x.jpg 


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These two are still the sweetest BFFs.

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 photo IMG_1119_zpsi7qmsdo0.jpg

Sami's face. 😂 Nothing like a horse nuzzling (slobbering) you on the neck unexpectedly.

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 photo IMG_1137_zpswofsl6tm.jpg 

 photo IMG_1153_zpsvawdg0u5.jpg 

Love her dearly.

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Katherine ☺️

 photo IMG_1220_zps6w1siwmw.jpg

Parker and his mama.

    photo IMG_1228_zpsijfueqq9.jpg

Calvin and Hobbes on every lap.

 photo IMG_1235_zps1uxtjxcc.jpg

Full moon over the mountains. 

Nothing like these kind of days at the cabin. ❤️


  1. Wonderful friendship and days! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These pictures are amazing!! So much joy and love in them! ❤


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