In February 2010 I started writing a Tuesday Twinspin.  Not reliably and not every week - because nothing was very predictable at that point. But I wanted to share my spin on life with twins. Our girls are fraternal and our boys are identical, so you can bet we'll be doing a science fair project at some point on twin genetics. That said, I don't claim to be an expert. I still have lots of questions and would love to create an online community of twin parents who can answer for the universe as to how they managed with their twins - from newborn to high school. 

There's an instant bond with twin parents. So much is understood without saying a word. Yet, we're curious. We want to know how other twin parents handle things. Sometimes we need ideas. And sometimes we just want to know someone else out there gets it - completely. So if you can answer my questions, please comment! If you have a question of your own, or you would like to write a Twinspin for Wild and Precious, send me an email @

Below is our current list of Twinspins (and a few other twin posts). Peruse as needed. And if you're new to the blog, go ahead and post a comment to these older posts. I'd love your opinion.

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