Thursday, March 23, 2017

While You Are Sleeping

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Mom, it's a Wednesday afternoon and I am sitting in your wheelchair, bumped up against the couch, watching you sleep. A spring rain is speckling the cement of the back patio. Dozens of tulips that Dad planted for you are just starting to show their green bulbs, the fireplace is warm behind me, and the house, this house in which you raised six rowdy children, is quiet.

I am listening to you breathe, watching your eyelashes tremble, as you drift even deeper. Into sleep that will rest your body and brain, renew where possible And maybe, after you nap, I will be able to sit you up and feed you lunch, talk to you for a few minutes.

You don't say much these days... your smiles are infrequent, your laughter less, and our conversations mostly one-way...

More at Segullah today.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cabin Days

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Snowmelt is filling the canyon streams. Our tulips are poking through the leaves. And even the cherry trees are starting to show their pinkish petals. March is proving to be warm, windy, and happy. Makes me feel like summer isn't too far away.

In looking through drafted posts, I discovered this treasure that never went up. For some long-forgotten reason, I didn't get around to it. 

It's from Summer 2015. When we spent a few days up at Kara and Dave's cabin. The pictures are so delightful, I just can't delete it. So... I clicked "publish."

Even though everyone is older now and so much life has happened in between, it's good to look back and remember how luxurious it is to have seasons. To live in the mountains, to have good friends, to share good food round the table. 

 photo IMG_1148_zpscss65qpw.jpg

The photos (mostly) speak for themselves.

Kara and Dave, we love you. Thanks for sharing your piece of heaven with us.

 photo IMG_1052_zpshnxb0awh.jpg

 photo IMG_1059_zpsavm84jnr.jpg

When Kara and Dave's twinnies were still teeny. 

 photo IMG_1063_zpsc4zjguzv.jpg

 photo IMG_1069_zpsb2iree9d.jpg

Sami is still our best babysitter.

 photo IMG_1072_zpsbm54vleh.jpg

 photo IMG_1079_zpseb77iycd.jpg

Dave's handiwork.

 photo IMG_1080_zpsrlbcsd4j.jpg

 photo IMG_1082_zps5mwpcxrb.jpg

 photo IMG_1087_zpsuj1wxcjw.jpg

Darling Caleb.

 photo IMG_1092_zpslihrngsi.jpg

 photo IMG_1094_zpsrljupkyp.jpg 

 photo IMG_1104_zpshfuyyf5x.jpg 


 photo IMG_1105_zpsep6hhmmv.jpg

 photo IMG_1108_zpskhg6ic3e.jpg

These two are still the sweetest BFFs.

 photo IMG_1110_zpsduji6b03.jpg

 photo IMG_1119_zpsi7qmsdo0.jpg

Sami's face. πŸ˜‚ Nothing like a horse nuzzling (slobbering) you on the neck unexpectedly.

    photo IMG_1125_zpspb0cdwe8.jpg 

 photo IMG_1137_zpswofsl6tm.jpg 

 photo IMG_1153_zpsvawdg0u5.jpg 

Love her dearly.

 photo IMG_1157_zpsrkxmza1e.jpg 

 photo IMG_1158_zpsmykg6r0v.jpg

    photo IMG_1160_zps7vytvyfe.jpg

 photo IMG_1161_zps8wihitlg.jpg

 photo IMG_1172_zpswpzk1oep.jpg

 photo IMG_1174_zpshwghd9ro.jpg

 photo IMG_1180_zpstcwbbrbf.jpg

 photo IMG_1187_zpsxmlfpj0a.jpg

 photo IMG_1202_zpsrefuggnn.jpg

 photo IMG_1206_zpswmsdc3iw.jpg

Katherine ☺️

 photo IMG_1220_zps6w1siwmw.jpg

Parker and his mama.

    photo IMG_1228_zpsijfueqq9.jpg

Calvin and Hobbes on every lap.

 photo IMG_1235_zps1uxtjxcc.jpg

Full moon over the mountains. 

Nothing like these kind of days at the cabin. ❤️

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sending You Some Love

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If you've been reading wildnprecious for a while, you know I live by the mantra "better late than never." But these days I'm starting to wonder if I will ever live beyond these words. Everything I do feels belated, past due, or late. Except for getting kids places on time. I'm pretty good at that. When I remember. It's things like birthdays, wedding gifts, thank you notes, holiday cards. For these I am notoriously slow. 

Oy. These last couple months have been filled with an unusual amount of extra stuff.

Today I mailed the very last of our Valentine cards. Yes, today. To those of you that didn't get yours yet, it's because it was waiting to be tucked into a package I was sending, and as of this celebratory moment, all packages are finally and officially in the post! 

I know it's appropriate to send love all year long, but maybe I need to rethink the "Happy Valentine's Day" wish and just leave it wide open. 

For any of you that would like to play along with our "I spy" game this year, enjoy the matching game below.

 photo arveseth_2017back_zpsypradzjh.jpg

πŸ’Œ can you spy… with your little eye? πŸ”

5 arveseth kids in school full-time (mom still hasn’t recovered from the toddler years but she’s loving this new mental space to regroup) πŸ‘πŸ» liza discovers swim team is her thing #eatmybubbles πŸ’¦ another 7 days in disney world and cath hits toxic disney levels (decides she will only visit mickey again after touring europe, asia and the carribean) 🌍 ali and sami play pioneer (wear cute sunbonnets, gather garden flowers, and leave picking up buffalo chips and walking 1,250 miles to their ancestors) 🌻 doug and cath watch alex cejka birdie on the 17th hole of the player’s tournament @ tpc sawgrass (cath goes from golf ignoramus to fan in 3 days flat) ⛳️ gordy poses in front of the new provo temple (everyone else stomps off as mom reminds them families are forever) πŸ’ž biggest super moon since 1948 (seen on the way home from a sisters trip to st. george) 🌝 doug crosses the finish line of his sixth marathon (woot! woot!) πŸƒπŸ» spencer up to his neck in corn kernels 🌽 favorite running trail 🍁42 birthday candles πŸŽ‚ kylo ren and leia (long live the princess) ✨ liza begs for a baby chick 🐀(still no pets, unless you count five goldfish who are surprisingly immortal) 🐠 sami hauls in a bowl of apricots (that we turned into lots of apricot almond jam) 🍊 two little toads jumping on our new trampoline (in their birthday suits) 🐸🐸= πŸ‘¬ three wizards, one lady jedi, and cat woman πŸŽƒ reunion with special olympics friends (we love you ellen and elaine!) πŸ’— cath says “bam! what?” when she finds both ACLs still intact after a 12 year skiing hiatus 🎿 ali on the salty shore of the great salt lake (floating in the lake was crazy fun, but the kids thought salt crystals and cut feet made for the worst trip ever) ⛱ doug boating with his little brother steve (1982) πŸ›₯ doug’s hand traced on steve’s casket #therewillalwaysbesixbrothers #more ❤️red bow in grandma ronda’s morning hair (her happy smile and grandpa’s sense of humor made this difficult year of brain cancer a gift) 🎁 cath holding her mom’s hand (grateful for all the tender talks, good laughs, and miracle years)πŸ™πŸ» sunlight breaking over the mountains as we hike albion basin 🌲(a symbol that life on this earth is glorious, and there is so much joy yet to come)☀️

Dear friends and family, we love you. Thank you for being part of our lives. 
Cath and Doug, Eliza (11), Ali and Sami (10), Spencer and Gordon (7)

 photo 88807a64-3feb-4803-a4ed-7b4229dca6fc_zpsnhi9q9yx.jpg

I'm spending as much time as I can with my Mom. We didn't think she would last as long as she has, but she's holding on. The oncologist told us we would likely get 4-8 weeks with her on the steroid before she really declined, but we're going on week 10. This is a surprise to us and while she is slipping away slowly, we're so grateful she is still here.

In January we celebrated my parents' 46th anniversary. Deb had the idea of making these darling heart ornaments. I thought Bec's heart with the verse, "Love Beareth All Things" was perfect. It sums up what my Dad is doing, day in and day out, for my Mom.

 photo IMG_1200_zpsngo1jfck.jpg

Mom isn't talking much this week. Her answers are brief, she is less engaged, and it is becoming very difficult to move her. She sleeps 18-20 hours a day. And today I am noticing her laugh is infrequent and she isn't smiling as much as she was even two weeks ago.

I wish I could write more about this process of letting go, this long and tender goodbye, but I just can't yet. I need a less frantic pace, a quietness, to be able to work through the emotion of it, time to find the words to explain it.

I want to write about my dear friend Lauren, who came to play piano for her. And I will. Soon. But for now, I can only write about regular life, the daily doings, the things that come easy.

I hardly sat down all of February. I was in charge of the school's art contest and gallery stroll. It was a real joy for me to see all the kids art, have it judged by our very talented local artists, and plan a night for family and friends to stroll through our gallery of children's art. 

 photo IMG_1696 1_zpsc8qsbsnb.jpg

My Dad with Sami at the Gallery Stroll.

Even with an awesome crew of helpers, the month-long event sucked away every free minute I had at home. I would stay up late into the night working on awards, emailing, cutting, writing letters - doing things I couldn't do with kids awake. All this in the middle of valentine's day, valentine cards, valentine boxes, egypt projects, a celebration video for my sister's 40th, and the girls' birthday. 

In the end, it was a success and I loved how happy the whole event was for the kids at our school. The theme was "Remember When..."

 photo IMG_1661 1_zpsvbmg8vd6.jpg

Eliza's piece, "Toes in the Sand" was about her memory of being at the beach for the first time. Mixed media with acrylics, real shells, sand, and newspaper. The newspaper frame represented a newspaper she made when she got home from our trip. A subtle reminder that if we want to remember things, it helps to capture them somehow. Write them down, paint them, sing about them, photograph them.

 photo IMG_1665_zpstimg79rv.jpg

Sami's acrylics on canvas was called, "Ducklings." A memory of watching the baby ducklings at the pond across the street from my childhood home. I love the yellow reflections in the water and her puffing clouds.

 photo IMG_1698_zpstwutroix.jpg

Gordon's art was called "In the Leaves with Grandma." His artist statement:

"I remember when I played in the leaves with Grandma. She is sick and can't walk anymore. So this is a special memory to me." I love their arms up for joy. The garbage can lid open, the rake leaning against the tree. The large maple tree. And the slide in my parents' backyard. It's exactly how it was.

 photo IMG_1700_zpsiuxluhlt.jpg

Ali did an interpretive dance piece, in which she remembered Spring. She danced three bulbs coming up out of the ground. It was so graceful and lovely.

Spencer didn't want to enter the contest. So... he didn't. πŸ™‚

 photo IMG_1663_zps44gm30wu.jpg

I have to include two other pieces I loved. This one by Liza's bestie, Katherine. It's called "Skyfall." She is remembering a night at her family cabin when she, her Dad, and her brother saw space junk blazing across the sky. Coolest thing she's ever seen. (Space junk is satellite debris or other space debris sometimes seen burning up as it re-enters the atmosphere. Check out this video of what they saw that night.) 

   photo IMG_1679_zpsumdijfqy.jpg

And this one. By the most darling second grader. It's called "Angel Baby." Statement? "I remember when I was born." Oh! I couldn't stop laughing. I loved it so very much. No doubt her birth was just like that. Exploding light, long eyelashes, ruddy cheeks, and all. "Ta da! I'm here!"

 photo IMG_1669_zpsvbeogf0v.jpg

My friend, Mindy, did the desserts for the evening. Chocolate pots de creme, chocolate covered strawberries, and mango pudding. They were so good!

   photo IMG_1694_zpsrpqbnwzy.jpg

We had this beautiful quartet of string musicians play for the evening. You could walk around and look at the visual art, the literature (which we mounted in the lunchroom with clothespins and glue dots), 3D art in the library, and watch all the film, music, and dance showing on a screen in the art room. 

 photo IMG_1389_zpsvyyuhekq.jpg

Sami made this awesome valentine box by herself. The challenge? It had to double as a book report. The Little House series has been one of her favorites.

 photo IMG_1623_zps2aefkysv.jpg

The girls turned 10!

 photo IMG_7784_zpsatw6m4kv.jpg

This year Doug got them their own cakes.

 photo IMG_7802_zpsgfwc87qv.jpg

And they took turns blowing out their candles.

   photo IMG_7766_zpsdp48kuqs.jpg

Little Miss Sunshine right here. Oh Sami Sue, I love her. She is a light everywhere she goes. So easy to get along with. Always looking for a way to help someone else. And she absolutely loves to laugh. Recently she came up with a new nickname for herself, per her enormous love of kitty cats. She now signs her notes, "Waffle Cat" and likes to text Doug things like "Waffle Cat is grumpy and doesn't want to practice piano." ☹️ Or "I love you Daddy. Come home soon. Love, Waffle Cat." Or "Waffle Cat was here."

 photo IMG_7806_zps2tzzffpk.jpg

Sweet Ali. She loves to dance around the house, is always so observant, sees needs sometimes before I do, and will anonymously make her brothers' beds or leave them a five dollar bill with a note on their windowsill. She is kindness and goodness and motivation. I adore her and love her hugs.

 photo IMG_1386_zpsjf6hq5qq.jpg

Eliza had her first dance. 6th grade Valentine Dance. She made me cross my heart, swear to die, poke a thousand needles in my eye... that I would not come and take pictures. Silly girl was mortified she had to dance with a boy. So a friend's mom took this photo and sent it my way. Growing up I tell you.

 photo IMG_1415_zpsbdshnffl.jpg

The boys did an awesome unit on Ancient Egypt. Gordon took his role as Pharaoh seriously.

   photo IMG_7676_zpsdetjguxm.jpg

Doug wrapped up another season coaching the boys' basketball team. Major triumph this year: he got them to pass the ball to each other and work together as a team, so that by the end of the last game, every kid on the team had scored a basket. He was super proud of them!

 photo IMG_1305_zpsmuyoq9qp.jpg

Spencer decided one day, when no one was available to help him tie his shoes, he'd take the matter into his own hands. I thought this was pretty darn creative. He tied his shoes this way for several days until he figured out how to slip his shoes on without untying the laces.

 photo IMG_7664_zpsm229jqdo.jpg

Sami played basketball for the first time this year and loved it. 

 photo IMG_6822_zpsvq7iey8c.jpg

Eliza dropped all other sports, dance, and even piano (ah! that was a hard one! for me!) to do competitive swim team. And by golly, this is her jam. She LOVES it! Whodathunk? Swim Team is a whole new world for us. But she's really good. And I'm amazed at all she accomplished this year during short course season. She dropped times in all her events, worked so hard, and trained 3-4 times a week. She's just starting long course season, gets ready without reminding, and doesn't want to miss.

 photo IMG_7036_zpsyxgsqjrp.jpg

At her last meet, she was hoping to qualify for State. She swam her heart out but didn't quite make it. Hard when you're the youngest in your age bracket. 

I got so emotional watching her swim. Swimming is hard for me. I can't do laps. I can maybe keep myself alive in a calm body of water, but that's about it. And here she is, doing something so incredibly difficult for me, and doing it like she was made for it. It's been an inspiring season.

 photo IMG_7033_zps1lduf4wy.jpg

"Eat My Bubbles" 

 photo IMG_1557_zpsskvzkmkz.jpg

One Saturday, as the world began to thaw, we set out to explore the foothills. We were looking for "The Living Room." We never found it, but we did find wind to knock us over, looming black clouds rolling in...

 photo IMG_1556_zpsp6johdlz.jpg

and this glorious sunburst over the valley. 

God is good. Just when we think we can't last another week of winter, he sends us signs that warmer days are coming.

 photo IMG_1741_zpsaxkbykcg.jpg

And these little beauties showed their color last week. Spring! 

I almost needed to scratch out "Happy Valentine's Day" on our cards and scribble "Happy Easter!" But no matter. Here's sending you some belated love.

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